another two-day workshop at Log Cabin Fabrics

I think my car knows the way to Log Cabin Fabrics without me driving – it’s definitely one of my regular “hang out” shops to be at!  And this past weekend was no exception.  There were three quilters for the two day workshop – and all were making the Holiday Ladies! 
First up is Mary – who was only able to stay one day, SO, she only made ONE Lady! 

Here’s Mary behind her “Trees & Greens”  – and some wild colors!  LOVE EM!  Love the kitties, too!


Next up is Melody – with all FOUR Ladies – and knowing Melody, she’ll have those last two Ladies complete in no time at all!


And last but not least – here’s Diane with her four Holiday Ladies  – plenty of time to finish the last bit of quilting before Santa arrives! 


A lot of work for only TWO days!  (And a lot of cutting for these ladies!)  But so worth it when you see them finished, don’t you think?