A Notion To Quilt & The Holiday Ladies

So, have you been over to Shelburne Falls and A Notion To Quilt yet?   If not, what are you waiting for?  They’re open seven days a week and they have EVERYTHING that you need!  Fabrics, threads, notions (Becki LOVES notions), panels, kits, patterns & books, machines, tables, chairs, etc., etc.!  Every time I teach a class or workshop, I excuse myself every now and then to check out what’s new, because there is ALWAYS something new! 

Just last weekend I was there teaching a Holiday Ladies AND Up North workshop.  UPS just delivered another section of batiks!  Love, love, LOVE batiks! 

But anyway, lets get on to the quilters in the workshop.  Two were making Up North (Yes, it’s still going strong) and four made the Holiday Ladies.

First I’ll show you Chris & Eileen and their “Up North” quilts

Here’s Chris with her Summer-time “Up North” . . . .


And Eileen with her Autumn “Up North” .. . .


Now on to the Holiday Lady Quilters

First up is Gail – she zipped right along with snowflakes and everything!


Next is Becki – with all the rooftops in place – next will be the village doorways and windows coming alive!


And last but not least, here’s Cindy  with everything in place and LOTS of background quilting done too!  


We also had Susanne with us on Saturday, but was unable to come back on Sunday, so we’ll catch up with her next time! 

See you all next time at A Notion to Quilt!