FREYR and weathermen

Can you guess what my blog is going to be about by seeing the title?  No?? Well, here’s the summary – Had a 2-day class during Freyr! 

And the long version is . . . .

I was scheduled to have an “Up North” weekend workshop in Johnstown, NY, a drive approx. 1 1/2 hours from my home, and it was scheduled for 12/29 & 12/30.  Had it been last years winter season, I would not have any difficulties getting to ANY classes, but last year was a fluke!  So, the weathermen kept saying, the storm wouldn’t hit our area till late afternoon on the 29th.  Great, I thought, I’ll get to class, get them started and be home before the storm hits – and the next day would be good, too, because the roads would be cleared and ready for travel.  So, I arrived in Johnstown at 9 AM on the 29th and the snow started to fall.  “OK, well I’m here now”, I was thinking, might as well get the “Up North” ladies started.  So we all got busy and the quilters got a GREAT start on their project.  Actually, one quilter decided to make “Snowy Hideaway” , very appropriate I thought!   Around 2PM, I decided I better break off one hour early and head home. 

Well, I made it home, both me and car in one piece, but it was a long process!  Approximately. 2-3/4 hours.  Oh well, I’m thankful that I live in the northeast where the road crews know how to maintain roads, now if we could have less of drivers who can’t drive in the snow, AND less truckers who still go 65 on snow covered roads. Oh well!

Yes, I’m rambling, and I did get to class for the following day, too – so lets get back to the Johnstown Quilters!  They really were troopers, all stayed and managed to get a LOT of their quilts made and as always, I have proof! Smile

First up is Jennie – she and hubby own the shop where the class was held.  It’s called At Home Quilting.  They offer long-arm quilting services (they have three machines), and they also have some fabrics, notions, etc, for “Just in case” circumstances.  And of course, a Great classroom area to spread out and SEW! Smile 

So here’s Jennie with her “Up North” quilt . . . .
Dec 2012 Jennie

Next up is Stacy (making the complete “Up North” scene)  and Chris (making Chick-n-Dee”_

Dec 2012 Stacy and Chris

And Suzette, also making the complete “Up North” scene.

Dec 2012 Susette

And last but not least, Kathy – with her “Snowy Hideaway” (the top window is her sewing room in the attic) Smile

Dec 2012 Kathy

Despite the “dashing through the snow”, I had a great time with these wonderful quilters, and looking forward to seeing all of them again – maybe in summer next time?? Smile