Empire Quilt Fest (aka Stressful Week)

Yes, we all have stressful times and I know my share of them having worked in a very busy ophthalmologists office for twenty plus years . . . .HOWEVER . . . .  This week has been particularity stressful in that I had to ‘hand-over’ four of my babies (my quilts) plus my number one baby, My Bernina! 


My Bernina 440QE is leaving me for one week to have her annual check-up.  OK, I guess I can last one week without her, maybe.

As for my four quilts . . . .

2008-spring-Rubber Ducky“Rubber Ducky”

The Cut-Ups “The Cut-Ups”

Henry Hudson's Northeast Passage “Henry Hudson’s Northeast Passage”

Spanky & Rosie “The Quilt Shop”

These four quilts will be entered in the Empire Quilt Fest show!  I actually will have them back with me on Sunday afternoon, so I’ll just hold my breath and try to relax! 🙂

All my anxieties aside, if you are in the capital district of New York state (that’s upstate everyone), be sure to stop in to see the quilt fest.  There are over 300 hundred entries, twenty vendors, wonderful lunch lectures and more!  Dates are Saturday, October 17th, and Sunday, October 18th, 9 to 4!  Six dollars will get you in, then just enjoy!