A Notion to Quilt , and “Up North” again

It’s time for catch up!  Yes, I’ve been remiss and not posting photos of all the wonderful quilters and my classes! Better late than never, right?? Smile

Anyway, I traveled “over the mountain” to Shelburne Falls, Ma late last month to one of my very favorite quilt shops, A Notion To Quilt.  I LOVE that name.  All eight quilters made my “Up North” pattern, And all choose completely different fabrics for their mountains and lakes.  They really looked GREAT! 

First up all all the quilters, showing off their “porch railing quilts”

A Notion 001

and now for the individual quilters and their “Up North”

A Notion 003A Notion 004

A Notion 007A Notion 005

A Notion 008A Notion 006

A Notion 009 
They REALLY accomplished a LOT for just the two days, don’t you think???