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March classes

All classes start at 9:30 and end at 3-3:30. 

March 4th at Pumpkin Patch, Lee, MA

March 6th – Adirondack Quilts, South Glens Falls, NY

March 12th – Brandt Lake, NY

March 18th – Log Cabin Quilts, Selkirk, NY

Hope to see you at one of them! Smile

Teaching at Keepsake

Hi Everyone – I just heard that there are a few more openings at Keepsake to make my pattern, “Moon Lake”.  If you’re in the area, (or will be), just out my one day class!  Hope to see you there!


Row by Row by Sue

Trying to post – it’s been awhile, so here goes.

Here are the two Row by Row’s that I designed for this year.

The first is “At Home Under the Sea” for At Home Quilting

And second is “A Deerfield Notion” for A Notion to Quilt

It’s been awhile!

Hi everyone – thought I’d caught up with all of you after a long hiatus.  Been busy with new patterns since I wrote last and wanted to pass them along here.  All the patterns are made with simple piecing, and raw edge, fusible web, machine applique! 


So, I’m starting off with the “Moon Lake” series . . . . .  Moon Lake, Night Owl & Summer Moon.  One larger quilt pattern and two small ones, and of course they have all may favorite components, lakes, mountains, trees, critters AND Adirondack chairs! 

Moon Lake #3 ProLab 

Night Owl #1 ProLabSummer Moon #1 ProLab


THEN I also have the “Snow Birds” collection.
Snow Birds being the largest of the three, then Winter Retreat & For the Birds.

#63 Snow Birds #2

#64 - Winter Retreat #1

#65 - For the Birds #1


AND then there’s another “LADY” pattern – this one has three patterns in one, called “The Witchy Ladies”, with Witches Brew, Crystal Ballroom, AND Magic Hats.  As a companion pattern, I’m also offering “Scaredy Cats & Boo Hoots”.  A pattern with two smaller wall hangings – All easy with simple piecing and fusible web machine applique. 

#59A New Witchy Ladies

58A Scaredy Cats58B Boo Hoots

Until next time – Sweet Seasons to all of You!

Back Up North at Country Girl Quilt Shop

Yes, I went Back Up North to Chestertown, NY to Country Girl Quilt Shop where the quilters made Back Up North!  Sweet quilt shop!  And in case you haven’t been there yet, I took some pictures of the shop to give you an idea of what you’re missing! Smile  First off, the original shop was located on a side street just off Main, but now Nanci (owner) bought an old Main street home, rebuild it from top to bottom, inside and out, AND it’s gorgeous! Take a look . . . .

We’ll start with the sign, then the front of the shop . . . .

1. Country Gril Sign 2. front of shop

and now, moving inside, all these great room, lots of light, and of course, lots of everything quilters love – fabrics, notions, patterns, etc., etc. 

4. inside shop   3. inside shop

5. inside shop  6. inside shop

AND here are three of the quilters that were making Back Up North this weekend.  (two of them were with us for only a one day class – I’ll have to get their photos another time!)

First up is Sue – who is now a believer in Free Motion Quilting!  Smile  You go Sue!


Next up is Rosemary – first time making a “large” project, and did great!  (She’s normally a “bag” lady)

Rosemary BUN

And Rosemary’s friend – Kathie!  Also a newbie to this type of quilting

Kathie BUN

BTW – BOTH Rosemarie and Kathie CAN do free motion quilting now – they had doubts, but no longer, they’re believers AND did a great job!

So, I’m signing off – must get ready another weekend – so stay tuned, more to come! Smile


Pumpkin Patch workshop with Back Up North and More

Friday and Saturday of this past week, I headed east on Route I90 to the quaint little village of Lee, Massachusetts.  This village is sooooo cute, and so New England!  It’s just off of I90 in the western part of the state,  and only 1 hour & 10 minutes from me! Smile    AND the best part is that Lee has a Quilt Shop!  Always a plus for us quilters.  Susan and Dan have a great classroom where six quilters can spread out at their own table, and of course they can check out the new arrivals when I allow them a quick break! LOL

So anyway, we did have a full class and we had a combination of projects going on.  Back Up North, Over East, Up North, and some Show & Tell!   Which I’ll show and Share here! Smile

First is Lainie who made two of the Over East scenes,  Out to Sea, and Sandpipers on Parade  – She sure did LOTS of quilting on each of these!  They look great!

Lainie Out to Sea  Lainie Sandpipers

Next up is Nancy – first with a Show and Share of a previous class project (all Nancy needs to do for “Snowy Hideaway” is “make it snow”)

Nancy Snowy Hideaway 

And here’s the one she was working on in class – “Up North”  (love the “fall” colors!)

Nancy Up North

Next up is Paula with  “The Lakehouse”  – The scene turned out GREAT! (also love the fabric  choices)

Paula The Lakehouse

And here is Stephanie – first with “Up North” from a previous class AND I didn’t get a photo of her “Mud Season” which she was working on in class, along with another one – so, next time, Stephanie! Smile

Check out her Porch Railing Quilt & Geraniums!

Stephanie Up North

OK, next is Joann – she got a great start on her “Over East”, don’t you think?

Joanne Over East

One to go – and it’s Alice!  She also made The Lakehouse!  Love the “greens” in her scene!

Alice The Lakehouse

And there we have it, another successful workshop in a great little Quilt Shop!  Be sure to visit And maybe I’ll see you there! Smile

A Notion To Quilt and Back Up North

I traveled “over the mountain” this past weekend to Shelburne Falls, MA, home of the Bridge of Flowers aaaaaaaaand A Notion to Quilt, the Massachusetts shop with the MOST of everything!!! 

the owners, Becki & Lenny are also in charge of this year’s Massachusetts Row by Row.  Be sure to check out the Facebook page for more info on this fun shop hop that starts July 1st and goes till September.

And now, back to my reason for being there – and that was to teach my latest pattern,”Back Up North”, along with a few quilters who were making some of my other quilts.   
I’m going to start with the “other” quilts first . . . .
here’s Faith with “Mud Season”.   A first for Faith for this type of quilt! Smile

Faith Mud Season 

And “Over East” with Roseanne  – Making this for a friend! 

Roseanne Over East

And “Up North” with Jackie.  Notice that we added kayaks for Jackie. Smile

Jackie Up North

Now, here are the “Back Up North” quilters

Here’s Anna                                                                                                  and                                                                             Janet
If you zoom in, you might see a lighthouse in their scenes!

Anna Back Up NorthJanet Back Up North

And here’s Suzette with the super Red ADK chairs! Smile                        and                                             Ann with here super Wood ADK chairs! Smile

Suzette Back Up NorthAnn Back Up North

Next up is Lindy with red and yellow kayaks                                                 and                                               Deb with her purple and blue kayaks

Lindy Back Up NorthDeb Back Up North

And two final Back Up North quilters are Elyssa, with beautiful flowers around the Lakehouse and Linda with her inviting “lake water” .

Elyssa Back Up NorthLinda Back Up North

Looks GREAT ladies!

I really enjoy seeing my patterns made up with so many beautiful fabrics!  Thank you all for letting me be with you for the weekend and hope to see you again real soon! Smile

Back Up North at Log Cabin Fabrics

A few weeks back I met with Barbara And Laura at Log Cabin Fabrics, helping them “put together” Back Up North.   Log Cabin put the fabric kits together, and Barb & Laura put the scenes together!  FUN!

They almost had the scene complete in this two day class – just about all the pieces added and quilted too!    Can you spot the jumping trouts?

First up is Barbara

Barbara april 2014

And here is Laura

Laura April 2014

What did I tell you – almost finished!  a bit more tweaking, add the binding, and DONE! Smile

Sew, till next time . . . .

Quilters AND a new quilt shop in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

I traveled “down” along the Hudson River yesterday to hang out with 14 quilters in Cornwall, NY.  They were making my “Over East” combo pattern, and even though it was a one day class, they all made Great headway. 

Aaaaaaaaand Here they are . . . .

First up is Carol, and for some reason the picture was cut off with another one.  Sorry Carol, but I still wanted to include you! Smile

1 Carol

Next up is Shirley – who made this quilt ahead of time for a local challenge piece – Looks Great, huh?  I believe the photo of the class project was the one that cut off Carol’s Photo)

2 Shirley

Then here is Tina who made individual scenes

3 Tina

Next up  – Sandy and Jan (these two will keep you on your toes)

4 Sandy5 Jan

Next up is Diana – and even though she had to leave early, she had A LOT finished

6 Diana

And here is LOIS – the organizer of this fun group.

7 Lois

Next is Barbara                                                                    and                                              Bea

8 Barbara9 Bea

Then        Susan                                                                        and                                             Mary

10 Susan11 Mary

AND Fran   (There was other Barbara who had to leave early, so I don’t have her photo – but next time Barbara!)

12 Fran

Oh YES, And The NEW QUILT SHOP!   Hudson Valley Quilt  & Sew

The shop is located in the quaint village of Cornwall-on-Hudson – Address is 1 Idlewild Ave. #2 (parking in the back)  Phone number is 845-534-7300.  A sweet shop with everything we all love!  You’ll meet Annet, the owner, and Gerri.  Both are great and ready to help with any of your projects.  Be sure to stop in and see them when you’re in the area.  Oh, it’s very close to the cross roads of I84 & I87 near Newburgh.  And you may contact them at HudsonValleyQuiltandSew


Sew, till next time . . . .

Pumpkin Patch and Up North (& more)

I traveled to Lee, MA a few weeks back and taught another weekend class at Pumpkin Patch Quilt Shop!  I know you’ve heard me mentioned this shop before!  It’s a cute little quilt shop in a cute little New England village that you should visit sometime!  Be sure to plan on having lunch at one of the many eateries in the village, they’re all great! Smile

The weekend class was open to anyone wanting to make or finish any of my patterns.  Some quilters made Up North, one was working on Snowy Hideaway, and another making Sandpipers on Parade.  The girls accomplished a lot in the two days (some were only there for one day, and still got a lot done!)

And here they are . . . .

First up is Joan  with her “Up North”


Next is Sarah with “Lakeside Retreat” from my  “Up North” series . . . .


Then Nancy decided to work on “Snowy Hideaway”, and added quite a bit in just one day! (there’s a lot of pieces in Snowy Hideaway) Smile


Next up is Cathy with her full size ‘”Up North” (also a lot done for only one day, don’t you think?) . . . .


and last, but not least is Liz with her “Sandpipers on Parade”, a great one day project. Liz will be adding the other three scenes of “Over East” at home!   Smile


And another successful day at Pumpkin Patch!

Till next time . . . . .  Smile