Quilt Bug Class

a few weeks back I headed southwest to the village of Esperance for another great class at the Quilt Bug!  Kris (owner) just got in a large shipment of Halloween fabric – I think she’s a Halloween junkie, it’s the largest collection of prints I’ve ever seen for that holiday!  It’s actually one of my favorite holidays too, I just might have to design a pattern for some “Halloween Ladies”, But that’s for another time.  Let’s get back to the workshop.  One quilter made “Over East”, one made “Mud Season” and the third worked on making the Holiday Ladies.  The quilters did a great job, and here they are . . . .

First up is Martha with her Mud Season . . .   She amazed herself with how much she got done in two days!   As you can see, all the “critters” are in place.  Martha made Holsteins (black & white cows)since that is what she had on her farm while growing up!


Next is Nancy with “Over East”  She made this for a family member who loves the seashore.  Nancy said that she’s ready for “Up North” next time. Smile  This was her first time at “free motion quilting” and she decided that she LIKES it! Go Nancy!


And another successful class with happy quilters!

Another class at The Country Girl Quilt Shop

The end of August found me and a few other quilters in the cute little little shop in Chestertown, NY – Right in the Adirondacks, one of my very favorite places to be – and to have a quilt shop there, it’s even better! Smile
I’ve been to this shop before – it’s the Country Girl Quilt Shop!  Owner, Nanci loves all things Adirondack too and loves having fabrics that go with the area – lots of “northern” prints, along with the beautiful batiks, blenders, great notions, and on and on!

The weekend class was great – we have four quilters, three making “Snowy Hideaway” and one making “Up North”. 

And here they are with “Up North” first . . . .
Here’s Linda with the “fall” version of Up North – Looks Great!


Next up are the three “Snowy Hideaway” quilters

First is Nancy – one bunny in place with the other critters coming soon!  Smile


Next is Lois – who made great time, even with her problem start (machine issues – LOL)


And here’s Sandy hiding between her Snowy Hideaway – everything is added but the last part – “making it snow”! 


And another successful class!  Well done Quilters!  Will be seeing you all again! Sue

AT Home Quilting and The Holiday Lady Quilters!

I’ve been out to Johnstown for two weekend classes in the past few weeks, and the quilters there were the first to make “The Holiday Ladies”!    I never know how much quilters will accomplish when I teach a pattern for the first time, but they certainly moved right along!   And as always, we had a great time being together.

Before I add photos of the quilters, I must mention that the shop, At Home Quilting, will be moving to their new location any day now!  It’s so exciting for Jennie and Dan (owners), because they can now add more of everything! – more fabrics, notions, quilting chairs, and long arm machines!     (Maybe  sewing tables and machines, too!  Will keep you posted!

They currently reside on Main St in Johnstown, but will be moving only one and a half block away on Perry St.  Great location, tons of parking (their own lot), great natural light, etc., etc.! 

But for now – back to “The Holiday Lady” quilters . . . .

First up is Andrea, who decided to make all four Ladies – She did ALL the pre-cutting (and I must say, there is a LOT for this pattern), but it paid off for her as you can see, all the pieces are in place! Yea Andrea!


And next up is Michele  – she had three ready to be photographed – one more to go!  . . .


And Suzette – made from her “Stash” Smile  I’m told that she has a very, very, very LARGE stash!


Here’s Kathy who made “Milk & Cookies” for a                      
special gift.  They’re going to love it!                   


And Nancy also made just one “lady”
Hers being the Sleigh Barn
We all love the chimney smoke AND the “stones”!


Here’s Laurie – she got a great start on hers for being there only part time!


Here’s Patti, busy adding borders – AND here’s her Sleigh Barn – also with some Great “Stones”  made the free motion way! Smile

Patti 1            Patti 2

And last but not least!  Here’s Carol who made two different patterns of mine during the weekend
First is “The Hen Party”                                                                 And second is “Just Ducky”             
Those colors for both are GREAT!  Love em’!

Carol 2           Carol

Would have had one more to show, but Jackie slipped away before I snapped the photo!  I’ll get her next time! Smile
Thank you all for two great workshops! And looking forward to seeing everyone at the new location!

Best Friends at Log Cabin

I had a class this past week with three best friends.  They asked me to teach The Shop Ladies, some of my first patterns, but also some of my favorite patterns to teach.  If you’ll recall, there are ten patterns to choose, AND these little ladies go together so fast, making them great little one day projects. Anyway, the three quilters taking the class are, as mentioned, three best friends.  They live here in upstate New York for six months and also in Florida for six months, their homes very close to each other in both places.

The class so fun, with them laughing and talking about things they did and things they will be doing, all the while making their own little Shop Lady!  They each chose a different shop, which is always fun, too!

So here they are, I’m calling them “The Three Amigos”, however their names are (left to right), Luanne with The Book Nook, Roxie and The Coffee Cup Café, and Rita and her Sweet Season Quilt Shop!
Thanks for a fun day ladies!

Best Freinds

Back at Shelburne Falls doing “Up North” & “Mud Season” at A Notion To Quilt!

Back over east to A Notion to Quilt – one of my very favorite shops to visit.  I don’t know how they did it, but they actually have even MORE wonderful fabrics and notions than ever before!  And they had a LOT before, but the place is loaded!  I know, I know, . . . .  I’ve told you before about all that they have, but I know that I miss mentioning things.  You really must GO there to see for yourself!  Fabrics, (blenders, batiks, the largest selection of novelties that I’ve EVER seen, flannels, “new age”, landscapes, patriotic, Christmas, Autumn, Halloween, on & on!), threads, patterns, kits, notions, sewing machines, sewing tables, long arm machines, all the latest gadgets (Becki loves gadgets).  There address is 623 Mohawk Trail, Route 2, just south of the village of Shelburne Falls, (The Bridge of Flowers)

Ok, so now let me show you the quilters and their projects!

Let’s start with Bobbi and her “Mud Season” – Yep, she has ALL the critters!


Now for “Up North”

First is Carrie


Next is Claire – notice the beautiful hydrangeas!


Then Virginia – love the selection of fabrics for the “porch railing” quilt!


and Missy with her “Up North” in autumn!  Those mountains are on fire! Smile


See you all next time at A Notion to Quilt!

Long Lake Quilt Camp

During the last week in June of this year, I was asked to teach a three day workshop at Long Lake Quilt Camp.  Long Lake is located in the very heart of the Adirondacks (my favorite place to be).  And even though the weather was hotter than usual, I still enjoyed sitting on the dock, taking in the beauty of the lakes and mountains, and listening to the loons sing. 

The staff wanted me to teach my “Up North” pattern (no surprise there! LOL)  which I was very happy to do.  I love sharing my hints and tips for making my favorite pattern! There were twelve quilters making this scene, and they all did a fantastic  job. 

Here they are, showing off their “quilt on a quilt”

From left to right – Marge, Stephanie, Janet, Linda, AJ, Mary L, Mary C, Elaine, Sue, Anita, Betsy

Marge, Stephanie, Janet, Linda, AJ, Mary L, Mary C, Elaine, Sue, Anita, Betsy 

And now for more pics . . . . .

Here’s Rose (she had to leave early so wasn’t in the group photo)


Then Stephanie & Marge – I love the colors of their “porch railing” quilts!

Stephanie, Marge

Linda (with her “autumn colors” & her Mom, Janet (doing the summer thing)

Linda and Janet

Betsy, AJ, & Mary L  (the water looks so inviting!)

Betsy, AJ and Mary L

Anita & Sue (love those beautiful “porch railing” quilts!

Anita, Sue

And Mary C & Elaine (notice that they reduced the size of their scene- very cool)

Mary C and Elaine

I had such a wonderful time!  Hope to see everyone again sometime – maybe at camp next year – or, of course, a Quilt SHOP! Smile

The Quilt Bug “Mud Season” & “Up North”

A few weeks ago I taught a class at a charming little shop called “The Quilt Bug”.  It’s located in the small hamlet of Esperance, one of those places that you might miss if you don’t pay attention, but you’ll be glad that you did notice it, because you can stop at The Quilt Bug!  This shop has rooms and rooms of everything you’ll love (if you’re a quilter that is)  Fabrics galore, threads, patterns, notions, batting – all things needed to keep us happy!  Smile

The Quilt Bug is on the main “drag” in Esperance, which is located on Route 20, one of the “prime” roads west in the past.  Now route 20 is known for it’s antique shops, specialty shops (like the Quilt Bug), AND it’s on the way to some great places – Cooperstown, wine country, finger lakes, etc. 

But let’s get back to the class – there were four quilters, three making Mud Season, and one making Up North. 

Here’s Cathy – she couldn’t wait to make the sheep, but of course, had to make the barn first! Smile


Next is Joanne with her red barn – love it,  wish I would have made a red barn!


Now comes Kris – the shop owner with her sheep & barn (cows are hiding in the back of the barn)


And Sherrie with her “Up North” scene!  I mentally go “up north” every time I look at this scene!


Thanks for a great workshop quilters!  Looking forward to visiting again! Smile

“Mud Season” at foofsique

There’s a sweet little quilt shop on the outskirts of Chatham named “foofsique”.  It’s a full service shop with all the goodies that we love, plus they sale and service Janone machines, too! 
I was there a few weeks back with some quilters who wanted to make “Mud Season” for their own.  We had a great time and of course I have pics of everyone and their quilt. 

And here they are . . . .

First up is Kathy, hanging out behind the barn


and her buddy Rosemary . . . .


Then Rachel


The first three have all the “critters”, just need the rain and the flowers! Smile

Next is Sue (the cows are still out in the pasture)


and Michelle (with her seven ducklings!)


If you happen to be in Eastern upstate New York, be sure to stop in and visit foofsique and say “Hi” to Diane and Michelle for me.

Run for the Money at Almost One Of A Kind

So last week I had my first class with the pattern, the “Saratoga Horses” as some quilters are saying, but it’s actually “Run for the Money” and I designed this pattern to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Saratoga Race Track.  I myself am not a race track “groupie”, if that’s the correct name, but I did attend a few times and remembered several things that will always remind me of being “at the track”. . . .first off, the beautiful horses!  They are so sleek and ready to run!  And I’m told that there is always one grey horse in the race (so I made sure my track had one grey).  Second, the colorful silk jerseys of the jockeys.  What fun I had choosing fabrics for them!   As did the quilters in the class, which you’ll see in just a sec. 

The class was held in Ballston Spa, at Almost One of a Kind!  The group there is REALLY into the track scene, and being so close to the action, it’s hard NOT to be!

Anyway, this pattern is for all of you who love the thoroughbreds, the race, the jockeys and the whole “going to the race” experience.  If by chance you make this pattern, please be sure to send me a photo! Smile

So lets get to the quilters and THEIR horses and jockeys.  I’m told by Barb & Vickie, the shop owners, that all six quilters bought the fabric kit for this class, BUT, each one choose their own color combo of horse & jockey, so you’ll see the same scene, but they’re ALL definitely uniquely different.

First is Deb E

Deb E 

Then Deb M

Deb M

Marlene is next


Then Linda


Two more to go – Next is Barb


and last but not least, Lucy


And they’re OFF!

Great class ladies!  Thank you! Sue

Pumpkin Patch and “Just Right” bags

I traveled east a few weeks ago and had a “Just Right” bag class at Pumpkin Patch Quilts in Lee, MA.  It’s always a great little ride over there, and the village of Lee is so “New England”!  Steepled churches, picket fences, beautiful older homes, etc. etc.!  And the Pumpkin Patch is right in the center of it all!  If traveling through western Massachusetts, be sure to stop in and check out the shop and say “Hi” to Susan and Dan!

And I did say that there was a class, so never fear class participants, I have your pictures to show to everyone! Smile

First up is Janet.  She has made the “Just Right” bags in the past, but for this class, she made my newest pattern, Molly’s Just Right Bag.  And here she is . . .

Janet with Molly Bag 

And Susan joined us and made Bobbi’s Just Right Bag . . . . .

Susan with Bobbi Bag

I love the color combos they both used – ALWAYS a surprise for me!