Shining Tides Quilt Guild in Mattapoisett, MA

This past weekend, I traveled “Over East” near Cape Cod, MA, to teach my “Over East” patterns to the Shining Tides Quilt Guild, AND for a presentation.  Two days to hang out with some fun quilters and to see their part of the US.  Of course I had to take several pictures of the village of Mattapoisett, and even though it was quite cold, the area is very unique!  So typical of the North Eastern United States coastal towns. 

Here’s the town . . . .

 Shining Tides #1   Shining Tides #2

Shining Tides #3   Shining Tides #4

Shining Tides #5   Shining Tides #5a Cranberry fields


And now for the guild members who made one of the “Over East” wall hangings

Mary (Harbor Light)                                               Joni (Out To Sea)

Shining Tides #6 Mary  Shining Tides #7 Joni

                     Irene (Harbor Light)                                     Pam (Sandpipers on Parade)

Shining Tides #8 Irene  Shining Tides #9 Pam

                  Pat  (Out to Sea)                                               Barbara (Sandpipers on Parade)

Shining Tides #10 Pat  Shining Tides #11 Barbara

                Joyce (Out to Sea)                                          Bee (Out to Sea)

Shining Tides #12 Joyce  Shining Tides #13 Bee

And the Group!

Shining Tides #14 Group

Thanks ladies for a great time! AND for Leda Kim for arranging everything!


Cabin Fever Retreat at Brandt Lake, NY

Earlier this month and spent a day at Brandt Lake, NY to teach a “bag” class to some Cabin Fever Retreaters!  Smile 

Wow, what a beautiful place to be – plenty of snow all around the lodge, and a frozen lake for the ice fisherman and the snowmobilers.  Of course, all of us quilters love going on retreats!  We get to quilt day and night, hang out with all our quilting friends, and others to wait on us AND feed us!  Can’t beat that!  This retreat was set up by Nanci, owner of The Country Girl Quilt Shop in Chestertown!

Here are the photos of the “bag ladies” . . . .

A “Bobbi” Bag and a “Molly” Bag

Brandt Lake #1 3-8 

Another “Bobbi” bag that we enlarged!  BTW, notice the floor to ceiling windows in the background!

Brandt Lake #2 3-8

And two BFF’s t6hat made the “Julie” bag!

Brandt Lake #3 3-8

Nanci will be sponsoring this retreat again next March, if interested, call to save your spot!  Country Girl Quilt shop is located at 6329 Rt 9, Chestertown, NY, ph # 518-494-2299

“Bridge of Flowers” and “A Notion to Quilt”

This past weekend (March 1st & 2nd) I traveled “over the mountain” to Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, Home of The  Bridge of Flowers!  Last year, Becki, owner of A Notion to Quilt, asked me if I’d be interested in designing a “bridge” pattern.  No hesitation on my part, I loved the idea.  If you’ve read any of my past blog entries about Becki’s shop, you’ll remember that I’ve mentioned the bridge many times.  It’s definitely a destination to visit, AND so glad that it’s still standing, even after Irene tried to wipe it out! 

So, Becki and I set up a class and the response was overwhelming – so much that we needed to book TWO days for it.  (It’s only a one day project)  So I got to hang out with 16 great quilters AND enjoyed my favorite shop in MA!  By the way, hands down, A Notion To Quilt has the LARGEST collection of batiks that I’ve seen in ANY shop (and I’ve been to LOTS of them) Smile

So, lets get right to the quilters and their bridges.  They all couldn’t believe that they could make this pattern in one day, but as you’ll see, they DID!

And here are the quilters from Saturday . . . .

Shelly and Lindy  (Daughter and Mom)

2 Shelly10 Lindy 

Lois  and Dianne

3 Lois4 Dianne

Lois and Suzanne

5 Lois II8 Suzanne

Colleen and Jackie (Daughter & Mom)

6 Colleen7 Jackie

Cindy and Marsha

9 Cindy1 Marsha

And the group from Sunday . . . .

Karen & Lynn

11 Karen12 Lynn

Cindy & Jody

13 Cindy II14 Jody

Ginny and Susan

15 Ginny16 Susan

and the Sunday Group . . .

bridge 018

At Home Quilting–AND another great class

Several weeks ago, I taught a class in Johnstown, “At Home Quilting”.  Love this shop, and the owners, Jennie & Dan.  They started their business offering Long-Arm services, but have since moved to a bigger and brighter location and now have it all! – long–arm services, fabrics, notions, machines, (Juki), chairs, carts, classes, etc., etc.!  If you haven’t been there yet, make plans to head their way – at 22 South Perry St, Johnstown, NY 12095!  Tell them Sue sent you! Smile

And here are some photos of their GREAT shop . . . . .

at home 002at home 004

at home 001at home 006

at home 007at home 003

It’s HUGH isn’t it? Smile

AND I did mention that we had a class while I was there – some quilters made “A Bridge of Flowers”, one worked on “Up North”, and another finished her “Holiday Ladies”

First up is Cynthia and Stacey with their Bridge of Flowers (Love the fabrics that Jennie picked out for their “kit”)



And here is Michelle with her “Holiday Ladies”


And finally Maria with “Up North”  She was only able to stay one day, but sure got a lot done during that time.


Chestertown Country Girl Quilt Shop and a two day workshop

Wow,is it really the Saturday after Black Friday??  If so, I am really on behind with my postings.  I must “catch you up”! Smile  In the early part of this month, I had a wonderful two day workshop in Chestertown, NY at Country Girl Quilt Shop!  Haven’t been there yet?? It’s a very nice drive from the capital district, straight up the northway to exit 25.  And the village of Chestertown is so quaint.  After checking out the quilt shop, be sure to visit the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor!  Yes, they have wonderful Ice Cream – BUT they also have GREAT food, not the usual either.  AND the upstairs is a gift shop with everything Adirondack! 

So now, back to my workshop,  we had quilters making “Up North” and quilters making “THe Holiday Ladies”

However, first up is Jean, who was in an earlier class where she made Up North in the summer – but she also made it in a Winter Scene, which I’ll show here

Jean Winter Up North

and since we started with Jean, here’s her Holiday Ladies from the workshop – she is one ambitious Quilters! Smile

Jean Holiday Ladies

Next up is Barbara – an “Up North” lady


Here’s Fay, with a great start to her Holiday Ladies


Here’s Jan  – another “Up North” lady Smile  Cute porch railing quilt!


Here’s Linda with her version of “Up North”  Love the sky Smile


And another Linda – can you believe this is her first quilt!  And not only that, her first sewing project, ever!  Great Job!

Linda 2

Here’s Sandy with her Holiday Ladies – looks like she’s ready for Santa! Smile


and Lois – with Santa’s sleigh Barn ready to go!

Lois 2

Next up is Roxie with her “Up North” – another wonderful northern scene!


And here’s Pocahontas, I mean Sandy!

Sandy P

and last but not least is Shirley! 


Wonderful job Quilters!  hope to see you all again Up North in Chestertown Smile

Jay Peak Retreat!

Two weekends ago, I had my first opportunity to return to an area that I knew well back in the seventies and early eighties!  I was asked to teach at a quilting retreat at Jay Peak, Vt.  Boy, did that area ever change since I lived there!  The view out my front window back then, while living in the woods near Enosburg Falls, was of Jay Peak in the distance – and  – I was lucky enough to be on that very mountain top to take part in this fantastic retreat with some wonderful quilters!  Loved every minute of it!

In case I’ve caught your interest, you might want to check out the Jay Peak Resort in northern Vermont!  It’s open year round, with never ending activities, AND the indoor waterpark is the largest I’ve seen! WOW, is all I can say, and will definitely bring my swim suit next year when I go back! Smile  Hey quilters!  There’s even a very special quilt shop close by called Country Thyme, owned and operated by Kay who happened to be the sponsor of this fabulous event!

And now, let me show you what the quilters in my class accomplished that weekend – all chose to make Up North except one quilter who decided to create “Mud Season”

Lets start with Donna (my Mud Season quilter)

jay peak 002


Next is Pierrette with her fall version of “Up North”


Then Irene and Monica (with their kitties on the ramp)

Irene and Monica

Next comes Sherry and Phyllis

Sherry and Phyllis

Here is Judi (one of three Judy’s in the class) Smile and Sandy 
Oh, and take notice to the mountains out the windows!  Yes, that was our quilt room!  Lucky us!  Talk about inspiration!

Judi and Sandy

Next is Linda, Judy and Judy (told you there were three Judy’s)

Judy Linda and Judy

And finally, here’s the whole gang! Smile

The Jay Peak Group

Thank you to my first Jay Peak Retreat Quilters!

P.S. I have a bonus photo from Linda – this is one of her creations.  She enjoys fabric painting, just one of the techniques used in this “challenge” piece of hers .

Linda with her creation

Holiday Ladies at Almost One Of A Kind

I visited Ballston Spa this past week to teach a two day class at Almost One Of A Kind.  Cute name, don’t you think? – Also a very cute shop with all the goodies – fabrics, threads, patterns, notions, etc., etc.  BTW, they have a wonderful supply of landscapes fabrics, perfect for many of my patterns!

Anyway, I was “coaching” the quilters with their Holiday Ladies.  Two made all four combined and one was making four individual Ladies.

First up is Sandy, the one making the separate Ladies.  She made the Reindeer Shack first, and here it is.  Sandy decided that she “kind of” likes free motion quilting!  Smile


Next up is Gail, making all four combined – She got a lot done, even though we stopped every now and then to pick out more fabrics for her THREE Up North quilts that she decided to make.  Can’t wait to see them – she’s making Up North in summer fabrics, and in fall fabrics AND in winter fabrics!  (As I mentioned, Almost One Of A Kind as great landscape fabrics! ) Smile

But back to the Holiday Ladies – here is Gail with hers . . . .


And here’s Deb – who could only be with us for one day – so she went into high gear and finished this much!  Wow, go Deb!


It was fun ladies, and looking forward to seeing you all again! Smile

A Notion To Quilt & The Holiday Ladies

So, have you been over to Shelburne Falls and A Notion To Quilt yet?   If not, what are you waiting for?  They’re open seven days a week and they have EVERYTHING that you need!  Fabrics, threads, notions (Becki LOVES notions), panels, kits, patterns & books, machines, tables, chairs, etc., etc.!  Every time I teach a class or workshop, I excuse myself every now and then to check out what’s new, because there is ALWAYS something new! 

Just last weekend I was there teaching a Holiday Ladies AND Up North workshop.  UPS just delivered another section of batiks!  Love, love, LOVE batiks! 

But anyway, lets get on to the quilters in the workshop.  Two were making Up North (Yes, it’s still going strong) and four made the Holiday Ladies.

First I’ll show you Chris & Eileen and their “Up North” quilts

Here’s Chris with her Summer-time “Up North” . . . .


And Eileen with her Autumn “Up North” .. . .


Now on to the Holiday Lady Quilters

First up is Gail – she zipped right along with snowflakes and everything!


Next is Becki – with all the rooftops in place – next will be the village doorways and windows coming alive!


And last but not least, here’s Cindy  with everything in place and LOTS of background quilting done too!  


We also had Susanne with us on Saturday, but was unable to come back on Sunday, so we’ll catch up with her next time! 

See you all next time at A Notion to Quilt!

another two-day workshop at Log Cabin Fabrics

I think my car knows the way to Log Cabin Fabrics without me driving – it’s definitely one of my regular “hang out” shops to be at!  And this past weekend was no exception.  There were three quilters for the two day workshop – and all were making the Holiday Ladies! 
First up is Mary – who was only able to stay one day, SO, she only made ONE Lady! 

Here’s Mary behind her “Trees & Greens”  – and some wild colors!  LOVE EM!  Love the kitties, too!


Next up is Melody – with all FOUR Ladies – and knowing Melody, she’ll have those last two Ladies complete in no time at all!


And last but not least – here’s Diane with her four Holiday Ladies  – plenty of time to finish the last bit of quilting before Santa arrives! 


A lot of work for only TWO days!  (And a lot of cutting for these ladies!)  But so worth it when you see them finished, don’t you think?

a 1 day class at Pumpkin Patch Quilts

On Friday the 13th I drove “over East” to the sweet little New England village of Lee, MA and had a class at Pumpkin Patch quilts!  Susan and Dan are always fun to hang out with along with two quilters, one who made an “older” pattern of mine, “Evening Retreat”, and the other making one of my newest patterns, “Milk & Cookies”  Both great one day projects, and the quilters had everything finished except for the binding! 
Here’s Nancy with her Evening Retreat (love the water & sky fabric!)


And here’s Janet with “Milk & Cookies”  The “snowy night” fabric is GREAT! 


Thanks for a fun day!