“Stuffers” “Testers” . . . . . . “FRIENDS”

I am a very fortunate person; I have Stuffers and Testers!  

I can’t imagine anyone other than FRIENDS taking on these jobs, but that’s just what my Quilter friends do for me, and I appreciate every single one of them!   

This morning they "Stuffed" patterns into the clear hanging bags; ten minutes and over 20 dozen patterns were packaged!  And of course, my friends were also the ones that "Tested" the patterns before they went to the printers!  VERY necessary, let me tell you! What would I do without them? 

Anyway, you guessed it!  The Shop Lady patterns are here!  The ones that my friends have stuffed and tested.  (By the way girls, I’ve got tons more to ‘stuff’. 

Now comes the marketing; I’m thinking of trying SEVERAL approaches for the Shop Ladies.  Of course there are the local quilt shops, and then there’s mass emailing to quilt shops, and signing with distributors, etc., etc.  So . . . . . check back, you’ll be seeing them soon! 


And what does letterboxing have to do with quilting? Nothing, except that it’s another hobby of mine, and one that I introduced to my quilting friends.  Ah, so there might be a small connection after all!

Letterboxing is a treasure hunt with clues and of course the “treasure”, once found.  To find the Clues, go online to:  www.atlasquest.com   Choose one that may interest you, (preferably in close proximity to your home) and prepare to FIND it!  First start by buying OR making a rubber stamp.  Bring along an ink pad, small notebook, pen and compass.  Sometimes the clue might involve a GPS unit, but this hobby is NOT be be confused with geocaching, another type of treasure hunt. 

Then the Hunt begins.  Keep in mind that finding the box must remain a secret, so be discreet while looking for it, AND make sure you always place it back in it’s location, completely hidden from view.  Also, pay attention to any added comments along with the clues.  Things like area history, and wildlife.  Make the most of your hunt!

So what’s in the box? Thought you’d never ask!   Once you locate your box, you’ll open it to find the same items that you brought along with you!  A rubber stamp, ink pad, pen & notebook!  What you do now is exchange information.  In other words, stamp your book with their stamp, write the date and any other information about the area that you’d like to remember.  Then stamp their book with your stamp, again writing the date, and possibly your city, state and some note to the owner of the box, (optional).  Don’t include your name, it’s really not needed. 

That’s letterboxing.  It’s FUN and a great way to get outdoors and explore new places.  You’ll be surprised to discovered just how many boxes are hidden around the world!  By the way, when you check out the website, take time to read how this hobby began.  You’ll see that it’s a very OLD hobby that started in England. Fascinating!

Quilters’ Travel Companion

OK, you’re a quilter and you love to travel, so I’m sure you probably know all about The Quilter’s Travel Companion. You don’t?  Trust me, go out and get this book, or get one for your group. 

I love planning road trips for myself and my friends, The Saturday Morning Cut-ups. We try to schedule two or three such trips a year, and ALL the planning starts with the Quilters’ Companion.  Here’s a quick overview; each state is listed alphabetically along with a map and DOTS, (dots representing THE QUILT SHOPS!) , then the shops are listed with their address, directions, what they offer, phone, email, web address, everything you need to put together your own HOP! Yes, it’s that good, and I know you’ll find great shops that are within driving distance from your front (or back) door. 

Of course, there’s the trips that I plan when flying to a different state also. Say for instance, Minnesota, the state I’ll be visiting the end of May, (that’s another blog entry).  Minnesota must rank near the top of having the most quilt shops, I’m not sure which ones I want to eliminate.  There are so many, I know I can’t visit all of them.  See, that’s why I have the Quilter’s Companion.   Without this book, I wouldn’t know about all these great shops! 

When I get back from my Minnesota, I do believe it’s time for another road trip!

Quilt Markets & Festivals

Well, I didn’t feel ready to sign up for the "Quilt Market" in Pittsburgh this year, (probably will regret that decision), however, I have signed up to volunteer at The Vermont Quilt Festival.  I’m looking forward to learning some of the ins & outs.  Perhaps then I’ll be ready for my own booth next year!

Until then, I’ll concentrate on marketing my newest series of patterns, The Shop Ladies.  Should I sell them in lots of 3, 6, 12?  Should I sell only to shops & distributors?  Should I offer free shipping over a certain quantity?  Lots of questions AND decisions to make.  Bur then, nothing is set in stone, I’ll try one way, see how it goes, and if that doesnt’ work, I’LL TRY SOMETHING ELSE! 

Here they come!

The Holidays that is!  AND The Shop Ladies are coming soon too!  I know I should be designing something ‘Christmasy’, but that will be for another year, right now The Shop Ladies are at the top of my ‘to finish list’

They are ten fun, ‘sweet’, adorable, easy and quick to make, window shopping storefronts!  The ten shops are . . . .

  1. Animal Krackers Pet Shop
  2. Sweet Pea Toy Shop
  3. Cake Walk Cafe
  4. The Book Nook
  5. Sounds Sew Sweet Music Shop
  6. Sweet Seams Boutique
  7. Petal Pusher Flower Shop
  8. Sweet Image Beauty Shop
  9. Coffee Cup Cafe OR Teapot Cafe
  10. AND, Sweet Season Quilt Shop

Sounds like something you’d like to make? You betcha!  Of course, my dear quilting buddies think that there should be twelve, (it’s that block of the month type thinking), well ok, but I need some suggestions.  If there is a storefront that you’d like to make, let me know, the two most popular ones will definitely be considered as a another ‘Shop Lady’.

Happy Quilting!   SUE

Painted Ladies – ‘Get Started” pages

Workshops are FUN!  Fun for me and quilters are using that word, too, saying things like, "These are FUN to make!", and "they’re so FUN and different!"  

I’m learning so much from quilters who participate in my Painted Lady workshops.  The parts they like, parts they don’t, and the sections where they want more instruction.  So I’m taking notes and I’m applying these ideas to my new batch of patterns. Less ‘reading’, more diagrams, more cutting directions, etc, etc. 

Great! you say, but what can you give me to get started on the Painted Ladies right now

"GET STARTED" pages of course! Hot off the press! and you can find them with just a few clicks away.  Head on back to my homepage, scroll down to ‘your Lady’, and click on the link.  There it is! a step by step guide sheet to help you get started with pattern A. Once you make your shop door, I know you’ll be able to complete the remaining sections without any trouble. 

One LAST note about my patterns, they always INCLUDE the seam allowance, AND when sewing patterns together, the seam is ALWAYS 1/4 inch.  Just two things that I take for granted when designing patterns.

Don’t forget that I’d love to hear from you, questions, comments, suggestion, whatever! 

Thanks for visiting! SUE

Those Wonderful Little Country Quilt Shops

Hubby & I went camping over the past weekend, and being the avid quilter that I am, I naturally researched quilt shops in the "camping area".  Sure enough, there were three within "reasonable" driving distance.  (I don’t know about you, but reasonable to me equals one hundred miles) Laughing 

All three shops were wonderful; one small and cluttered, but the owner knew exactly where to find what I wanted.  Another one had the largest collection of Christmas fabrics I have ever seen, and the third shop had a sign on the front door saying "Don’t let the dogs escape".  Yes the two little buggers were smack up against the entry door looking for their chance to ‘bolt’ (a little quilter humor). LOL 

But all three shops had one thing in common; everyone there was happy!  We were surrounded by row after row of gorgeous fabrics, just waiting for the many possibilities to happen.  One quilter was looking for the perfect red to bind her log cabin quilt, (it was a beauty!), another was buying 8 yards! of fabric to make 10 bridemaid aprons, and needed them done by August!  God Bless Her! Still another was just browsing, waiting for the fabric to "talk" to her.  (been there, done that!) And all were happy. 

For myself, I had a great time, bought several fat quarters and several yards of fabrics, (my motto is, "My stash will never die!").  Now I’m home and catching up on phone messages and emails.  One message wanted to sign me up for a workshop, and an email asked to show my Painted Ladies (& sell patterns) at a show in Lowell, MA.

So, it’s back to ‘normal’, that is, until my next camping trip, or road trip, or shop hop, etc, you know what I’m talking about!  After all, there are hundreds of little country quilt shops out there just waiting for me to ‘come on in’!

Keepsake Quilting!

Some exciting news for Sweet Season Quilts and The Painted Ladies.  The patterns will be available from Keepsake Quilting in their fall catalog. I should mention that I’m still a bit dazed by this news.  The only thing I could say when their purchasing agent called, was “Wow”.  She laughed and said that was the typical response from first time vendors. Since that phone call I’ve been busy printing more pattern covers and stuffing pattern envelopes, I want to be all set when Keepsake quilting sends for the Ladies!

I’m also deep into the designs, patterns and directions for six new wall quilts. “The Shop Ladies” should be available by fall or early winter of this year.  These new little ladies are going to be fun!  They’re a bit smaller in size than the Painted ladies, which means less fabrics and supplies, and they are perfect for ALL skill levels.  I usually don’t think of my patterns as “quilt in a day”, but these could be listed that way, or maybe a “weekend project”  Laughing  Over the next few weekends, I must do some mini road trips, seems like I need more fabric to make the Shop Ladies!  Imagine that!

Shop Hop

Another fun shop hop with the Saturday Morning Cut-ups, (my local quilt group).  Ten shops participated this year, The Flying Geese, The Adirondack Shop, Gloversville Sewing Center, The Quiltbug, The Yardstick, Log Cabin Fabrics, Woodstock Quilt Shop, Style Fabrics, Foofsique, and The Pumpkin Patch.  All wonderful stores, and well worth the trip if you live in or near the capital region of New York. 

I had the Painted Ladies in four of the ten shops, and even visited a few to sign autographs and promote my patterns.  Just another new experience in the world of designing and selling quilt patterns.  Besides the positive feedback from the ‘ladies’, I also received valuable info from others, things that I will apply to future projects.  The most popular idea was providing kits for sale, something I will definitely look into!

Welcome to my blog

Hi, I’m Sue Pritt and I love to create quilt patterns.  I started this blog to share my love of quilting with you.  I was originally going to focus on tips and techniques in this blog, but I know we’ll be covering much more.

This is my first experience with blogging, so I’m hoping you’ll provide me with lots of feedback.  My website is still taking shape, but we’re excited about the future of SweetSeasonQuilts.com.  At top of our to-do list is adding PayPal online ordering.  After we make it possible to order patterns online we plan to add an image gallery to display my personal quilts.  There are quite a lot of them.  After that, who knows!

Thank you for visiting.  I look forward to a long and happy relationship!